Amy Boyers, Ph.D. - Adolescent and Adult Psychotherapy
Thank you for your interest in this website and the Clinical Psychology practice of Dr. Amy Boyers.
Dr. Amy Boyers is a Licensed Psychologist (FL) best known for her specialties in the treatment of eating disorders and in cognitive-behavioral therapy.  She has a particular interest in "treatment refractory cases" and is often brought into a case after other treatment options have been exhausted. Since the opening of her private practice in 2001, she has treated many people struggling with disordered eating, emotional eating, anorexia nervosa, bulimia
nervosa and binge eating disorder.
She also treats related issues such as body dysmorphic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, counseling for pre- and post-bariatric surgery, orthorexia, compulsive exercising, weight loss, and counseling those who have a relative with an eating disorder. She accepts clients at all stages of recovery and has collegial, supportive relationships with other eating disorder professionals in the community should the need for additional services arise.
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Tel: 786.235.9000
Fax: 305.667.9880
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